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Mart on Wheels – Ninja Mart Vietnam Tet 2024

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22 Feb 2024

As the festive atmosphere of Lunar New Year filled the streets, grocery stores across Vietnam were bustling with activity, and the distinctive red vans of Ninja Mart were a familiar sight. The “Lucky Wheels, Connecting Joy” (Mart on Wheels) program was a special initiative by Ninja Mart Vietnam, Ninja Van’s FMCG distribution service, implemented in Can Tho and Da Nang city.

Bringing joy to the local business community:

More than just a thank you to loyal customers, the Mart on Wheels was designed to bring good luck and prosperity to grocery store owners in Can Tho and Da Nang, helping them kick off the Lunar New Year with high spirits and anticipation of a prosperous season ahead.

The lucky red vans traveled over 1,500 kilometers, visiting 380 stores and distributing over 800 gifts. It’s no wonder that the arrival of the Ninja Mart truck was a much-awaited event for store owners in Can Tho and Da Nang.

Mrs. Nam, owner of a grocery store in the outskirts of Can Tho shared: “The atmosphere in my store became livelier as soon as the Ninja Mart van arrived. With the addition of the lucky wheel, I decided to purchase more products to support the company and see what I could win from the minigame”.

Expressing her excitement, Ms. Trang said: “I have been a loyal customer of Ninja Mart Vietnam for a long time because I trust in the quality of their service. Today, I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in the lucky wheel and receive these thank-you gifts from Ninja Mart”.

Ninja Mart: A reliable partner for small businesses

The program clearly brought joy to the store owners of the two cities and further solidified Ninja Mart’s position as a valuable bridge between FMCG brands and traditional grocery stores. Ninja Mart also serves as a powerful ally, helping these businesses operate more efficiently and grow sustainably. To better serve retailers during the Lunar New Year peak season, Ninja Mart increased their product inventory with a wide variety of items and eye-catching festive packaging. The company also focused on improving sales and delivery operations to ensure customers could “Enjoy smooth product delivery and welcome a prosperous Year of the Dragon”.

Ms. Gwendolyn Ng, Head of Ninja Mart, shared: “Expressing gratitude to our partners and merchants is at the core of our values, fostering stronger connections and benefits for those who choose Ninja Mart’s services. Our “Mart on wheels” activities are designed to spread happiness, and we remain dedicated to launching more initiatives that add value to our partnerships and merchants, ultimately fulfilling our mission of serving the underserved“. 


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